My Favorite Newborn Accessory


It doesn’t seem to be that long ago that we had A-man but somehow it has been a little over two months. I am not going to lie the beginning was hard. So hard, in fact, that I wondered how people could want more than one child.

Then after about 5 weeks something just clicked with us. I was able to feed him adequately and not feel bad that I wasn’t able to provide him with all the food he wanted. He is quite the piggie and a growing boy.

My biggest concern with a newborn was how I was going to manuver my little man while still spending time with his daddy and getting out of the house. So I went in search for a piece of equipment that would let me hang out at the barn without having to carry a carseat all along the way (because A-man hates the carseat).

Then I had a wonderful lady (a friend of my moms from high school) suggest a carrier. I had never thought of a carrier before and really had no idea where to start. I had a wrap but knew that would be too hot for the summer time. After some research by both of us she sent me this beauty:

This is a Lille Complete Airflow carrier. It has been a LIFESAVER with us on the farm. It has breathable material, neck support for a newborn, and a little pocket for a pacifier, cellphone, and/or a pair of socks.

I have been able to feed calves, check dry cows, and help the Milkman with getting cows in all while the mini Milkman eithers watches or sleeps (carriers typically carry magical sleepy dust that causes babies to sleep in an instant).

I also have a nicer carrier called a Tula that I will talk about later (because I am obsessed) and I couldn’t fit it all in one post without it being SUPER long.

What was your lifesaving piece of baby equipment for the farm?

If you have any questions about the carrier, farm life, or life with a newborn just let me know in the comments.

*Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid by Lille to review this. Actually I wish I was but alas, I am not that cool of a blogger. I just received it as a gift and really love it for the farm. :-)



Bittersweet #ThrowBackThursday

Uncle Danny is the middle one with the hat.

Everyone in my western Kentucky family is a buzzing this week. This is a week of preparation, excitement, and busyness. It is the week of the Fancy Farm Picnic. The Picnic is a huge ordeal to our community. It happens the first Saturday of every August and has been going on for decades. It is a time for reuniting with family, selling BBQ (pork and mutton), and enjoying the stories from the past.

This is also bittersweet for my family in particular. During this time (the week before or on picnic) is the time that both my Aunt Linda Mae and Uncle Danny passed. Tomorrow is the anniversary of my Uncle Danny’s death. I personally believe that God chose this time for them because he knew everyone would be in town and we could be rocks for each other.

I come from a huge family in western Ky but we are thick as thieves.Yes, we get mad at each other and most of the time it is during a family function but that doesn’t keep us from loving one another deeply. I will never forget my mother waking me up one morning and telling me the ambulance came and got Aunt Linda Mae or getting to the One-Mile Classic and someone saying that one of my uncles collapsed and they took him to the hospital. (It was hot that year so my response was, “Oh, they will get him cooled off. We better make sure he takes it easy tomorrow in the meatstand.”) Never in my life did I think I wouldn’t see them again.

Uncle Danny is the middle one with the hat.

Uncle Danny is the middle one with the hat. (Photo stolen from Aunt Nancy)

The love those two had in their hearts not only for their family but also their community is such an inspiration to me. If I could love my children half as much as my uncle did my children will be blessed. Or if I could love my nieces and nephews as much as my aunt did then I will have accomplished my job.

I know some of my family will read this and I ask that you write some of your memories of both of them. I still hear about Uncle Danny but as time goes on I hear less about Aunt Linda Mae. I would love to hear stories about both of them. You can do it in the comments section. And I would love to have the latest photo we have of Aunt Linda Mae. The only ones I found were the ones from when she was younger.

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