January book of the month: “Your soul is a river”

January book of the month: “Your soul is a river”

Like every year, I’m joining the Goodreads reading challenge. I have a 50 books goal that I hope I will reach (or pass, who knows, the year is long).

Because I read a lot, I’ve decided to start a “Book of the month review” here in the blog.

In January, the book I loved most was this:

Your soul is a river by Nikita Gill

There are very mixed opinions about this little book (I love the cover by the way). Some people love it, some people hate it. I am definitely part of the first group.

The poems are divided in 8 sections: the cosmos, fire, the storm, ache, the sea, wild, the earth, heal.

Each section has in common the journey of healing. You can read them in all different ways. Heal from trauma. Learn to love yourself and to accept that you are perfectly imperfect and that is good. Learn to let go of the things that drag you down. Heal from a love that has ended, from loss, from rejection.

At the end of the book I swear I felt regenerated.

It’s true that some poems might come across as repetitive, but personally I loved all of them. Yes I have some favorite sections like the cosmos, but nothing felt boring.

I highly recommend this book if you are looking for some poetry or non fiction and you are in the right mood.

If you read it or you already have read it, leave me a comment! I’m super curious to hear your opinion.

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