The Essential London Food Guide

It’s not a secret that food is very important to me. I love eating. Something healthy or something that’s going to explode your heart just staring at it, something well known or something with an unpronounceable name I’ve never seen in my life… it doesn’t matter, give it all to me right now and I’ll eat. As you can see from my travel diaries, even when I’m on holiday I can’t wait to try all the typical dishes. Eating for me is a joy (especially if I wasn’t the one cooking, after 10 hours in the office, 1 hour at the gym and 4 hours blogging).

One of the things I love most about London is the infinite possibilities it offers about food. Yes, I do have some places I adore and that I get back to often, but most of the times I’m trying something new every weekend. There are so many restaurants, cafés, pubs… it’s impossible not to find something suitable to your particular mood or taste.

Therefore, I have decided to share with all of you my most precious note (yes, go ahead and picture me as Gollum, I’m holding this note like he is holding the ring), carefully stored in my computer and safely backed up at least 4 times in each one of my external drivers:

My (infinite) list of places where you can eat/drink/have tea and any kind of food in London!

If you are in London on holiday, or if you live here and you are going through internal crisis because your parents/friends/cats are coming to visit… this list can help you answer the most basic question: where the heck do I go for lunch or dinner? Where do I take aunt Gertrude for afternoon tea?

In the list there are all kind of places: restaurants, cafés, cheap eats and fancy places if you are looking for something ad hoc for a special occasion… just click on the London Borough you are interested in and follow the white rabbit down Alice’s hole (I am warning you in advance).

Like I said, this list is infinite for a reason. I am constantly updating it and adding new places. Come back for more, I know you want to.

If you are looking for a particular cuisine, check out my London blog series: “Best Places To“.

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Tower Hamlets





Kensington & Chelsea




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And here are the links divided by cardinal point if that’s more your thing.


The City of Westminster

Borough of Camden

Borough of Islington

Borough of Tower Hamlets



Borough of Southwark 

Borough of Lambeth

Borough of Wandsworth

Borough of Richmond



Borough of Kensington & Chelsea



City of London

Borough of Hackney